This is a phenomenon that is synonymous with the term Responsive Design when building websites for the Web. Basically this means building your app to support multiple screen sizes and densities so your app content always displays correctly disregarding which phone it runs on. I know it might sound like a lot of hassle for the newbies who may think: “I’m yet to successfully build a good app for a particular screen size now I get to worry about multiple screen sizes”. Well, it really isn’t that much of a big deal and that is what this article is about, to help you understand the concepts behind this and also show you some best practices. Continue reading



Basic jQuery selectors are based on familiar CSS syntax and they work much the same way that CSS does. I have listed the basic jQuery selectors in the table below and you can see they correspond directly to their CSS counterparts. So, for example, if I pass a tag name to the jQuery selector, it will find me all elements that have that same tag name. Similarly, if I pass in an identifier, jQuery will find the element that has that id. The same thing goes for class name. If I pass in a class to the jQuery selector, it will find all the elements that have a class attribute that have that class name. And just like CSS, you can get a little bit more fancy. You can look for tags that have a particular class name, or you can look for a tag that has a specific id and has a class name on it. And then, there is a wildcard character, the special character, the asterisk, basically means find all of the elements on the page. Continue reading


I have always been a huge fan of the Windows operating system. Over the years I have followed the trends and have come love each new version as it comes out. Maybe it’s largely due to the popularity of this Operating System in my locality, or maybe it isn’t. I haven’t really used a Macintosh Computer to be sincere and that’s because Windows is the most prevalent in Nigeria – which is where I am – as compared to the Macintosh. Maybe in the future though, if I lay my hands on a Mac PC I may love it! Who knows?! Tech Enthusiast aren’t that biased with technology and we love to explore.

Well, just recently a fresh screenshot of the Windows 9 Start Menu surfaced online, showing us an insiders look at how the hybrid version will be. Microsoft gave an insight at the updated Start Menu during the Build developers’ conference earlier this year, but since then nothing was heard about this highly anticipated feature.

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